The financial value chain can be considerably improved upon. Aimed at both the future and at the user. Through collaboration we have realised innovative and scalable software solutions. By daring to think and act out-of-the-box, in a clear and intelligible manner, Topicus will take you further.

Complex matters in reliable solutions

Together we can realise the best comprehensive solution for your client. Clear, intelligible en future-proof. Daring to be innovative and improving the entire financial industry while we do so. We offer a cutting-edge solution within existing structures. Complex financial matters made available at flick of a wrist thanks to powerful and reliable software.


We shoulder the burden of all aspects of your financial channels. Through links with multiple parties, banking and acceptance policies, rating and risk models, you receive a comprehensive all-in-one concept that is managed from a single environment. From apps to collection processes for all credit types and from mortgages to new funding types, in both commercial and private fields.

Immediate overview, anywhere and at any time

Managing all expectations of advisers, providers, financiers and, of course, the end-user. A comprehensive workflow package or a solution tailored to your situation. Providing you with a comprehensive overview of your finances at the flick of a wrist by daring to think and act out-of-the-box: That is what Topicus is all about!